UMRC is a Non-governmental Organization registered by the NGO board ministry of internal affairs NGO REG. NO: S.5914/11614. It was purposely founded to identify, rehabilitate and empower people with special needs to become valuable, independent and productive to themselves, their families, the community and the nation.
It enhances promotion, advocacy and provision of quality services in the management of disability and chronic diseases. It was officially founded in 2013.

Way back, UMRC started in late 2010 by an Occupational therapist as “Mobile Best Rehabilitation Services” offering community and home based rehabilitation services in treating and training (rehabilitating) private clients with chronic diseases especially Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and children with special needs from their home settings, then in late 2011 introduced a child with Autism on program and in early 2012 concentrated more in a parents’ home rehabilitating this child with Autism, latter in mid-2012 included another child with cerebral palsy, and others with learning difficulties and continued offering community and home-based rehabilitation services to geriatrics with chronic diseases.

Many parents and clients visited in their homes were severely challenged by upbringing children with special needs and were in need of similar services offered by the therapist that were described as “unique and miraculous-bringing a healing effect” and a need for a Centre /School where their children could stay, be rehabilitated from as they go to work or look for survival. The therapist then thought of meeting clients’ needs by establishing a Centre where children could be rehabilitated from and a team that could go to various communities to rehabilitate other children and people with chronic diseases all over Uganda. This transformed “Mobile Best Rehabilitation Services” to “Uganda Mobile Rehabilitation Centre”.

It was from this and through team work with other professionals that realized a great number of clients in need of rehabilitation services after which a Centre was officially opened on 1stJuly 2013, named Uganda Mobile Rehabilitation Centre (UMRC). Since then UMRC has under gone a lot of developments to where currently is and is very hopeful to fulfill its vision as time goes on.