UMRC has rehabilitated over two hundred patients with chronic diseases and special needs children, empowered most of them with practical/vocational skills, and supported their parents, sensitized members in the community and enhanced their productivity by maximizing their potentials to live a decent life since its foundation.

It has treated and rehabilitated patients with chronic diseases and geriatrics and enabled them to attain independence in activities of daily living and ability to regain their abilities in occupational performance.

It has further improved on children’s health and well-being, reduced on stigma and discrimination, integrated children with special needs into regular schools, reduced on the prevalence of poverty among these children and their families, promoted self-reliance and reduced on the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth.

It has empowered parents especially mothers of children with special needs, restored their hope and regained a smile in their lives as they look and up bring children with special needs. They have acquired basic knowledge and skills on how to manage conditions and behaviors specific to their children while at home.

It has further linked parents to other specialists like neurologists, pediatricians, psychologists, nutritionists and alike of help to these parents.

It has created employment opportunities to many people/workers especially the youths, built their confidence, reduced on crime rates among youths and improved on their standards of living.

It has conserved the environment and preserved nature through encouraging the planting of trees, proper disposal of wastes, use of biodegradable bags and creating jobs through wastes/plastic recycling.

It has established a day care and learning Centre (Smiling Kids Day Centre) for children without special needs including baby, middle and top classes. This has helped working mothers, ensured safety of their children and promoted children rights as well as promoting an integrated learning environment.

UMRC struggles to achieve more than that as per its strategic plans i.e both short term,  and long term plans.